Big Ben Souvenirs

Big Ben  is the name generally used to describe the tower and clock beside the Houses of Parliament. However originally Big Ben was the name of the bell and today correctly describe the clock and bell which sits atop of the Elizabeth Tower.

The Elizabeth Tower was completed in 1859, five year late, and the Great Clock started on 31st May, with the Great Bell’s strikes heard for the first time on 11 July and the quarter bells first chimed on 7 September.

Probably the most famous clock in the world millions have heard its chimes via BBC Radio, Home and World Service.

Big Ben is an iconic landmark of London and has become a favourite souvenir.

Big Ben models of many sizes and variations are sold by Lambert Souvenirs including some with working clocks.

Keyrings, Magnets, bottle openers, models, post cards, all depict the famous clock and tower.