A colourful range of  over fifty standard postcards with photographs and designs of famous London scenes and characters  including some with  Sepia background as well as others showing London in former eras 10.5cms x 15cms.

When you visit our shop at 3 Whitehall you will find further ranges of London postcards, from fun & comedy to classic & historical. A selection of these are shown in the accompanying section.

Some cards already have discounted prices for large volumes. If you find one that has not and you wish to buy 50, 100, 200  etc please contact us first for a special price.

There are also some extra large special cards. These are not included in our ‘complete’ set of post cards. See also Postcards Historical and Humorous.

Some of the cards are out of stock at present. If you order a complete set of Lambert Post Cards there will some duplication.