Royal Family Merchandise and Memorabilia

Royal Family

The British Royal Family has become a major element in the attraction of UK and London in particular  for millions of tourists. Much of the pomp and ceremony deriving from the Imperial age and mostly initiated and developed by Edward VII has become a part and parcel of the UK tourist industry.

2011 saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,Kate and William, marry  with much pomp and fanfare and 2012 witnessed the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II with a flurry of  major celebratory events.

Late 2017 Prince Harry announced his engagement to Rachel Meghan Markle an American Actress and subsequently marry at Windsor..

 A host of souvenirs, gifts and memorabilia derive from the British monarchy and associated  ceremonies.

Lambert Souvenirs situated but a short distance from Buckingham Palace sell a wide range of  ‘Royal’ souvenirs and memorabilia.