Mind The Gap / London Transport

A large range of souvenirs including Mugs, Keyrings, Magnets, Stickers as well as T-shirts and Baseball caps licensed by London Transport(TFL) involving the famous red roundel and the never to be forgotten phrase from the Underground “Mind The Gap”.

The phrase “mind the gap” was coined around 1968 for a planned automated announcement after it had become impractical for drivers and station attendants to warn passengers. The Underground chose digital recording and using solid state equipment with no moving parts. As storage capacity was expensive, the phrase had to be short. A short warning was also easier to write on the platform. Several actors have spoken the words over the years but some stations still retain the original recording.  For further information

London Transport have changed their sole licensee supplier.As a result we may run out of stock of many of these items up to December 31st but hopefully will resume normal service January 1st 2019 onwards. However this has been slow and erratic so far.