Terms of Trade

1   Our normal trading terms are ‘cash and carry’ with a heavy discount.

2   Also you may pay on delivery for a smaller discount.

3   For selected customers with a proven record of good creditworthiness we supply on terms of 30 days.

4   Cheques should be made out to Lambert Of London Ltd.

5   Overseas customers may pay by international telegraphic bank transfer or credit card. Please ask us for Iban, Swift and Bank account details. We despatch overseas orders when payment has been cleared at bank or credit card company.

6   USA customers are advised to discuss wholesale orders with us. Despite the avowed public policy of  ‘Free Trade’ the USA customs are far the most difficult to deal with, requiring a plethora of detail about each item ordered, origin of manufacture and material content and going out of their way to obfuscate. Nevertheless we export a lot to USA.